The POLCAR Company has been operating on the market since 1994. It has been constantly achieving numerous successes and expanding its workforce.

Our company employs a team of creative, talented, and qualified individuals, who will undoubtedly be more than glad to focus on the requirements of the clients and help them at every stage of service realization.

The predominant goal of the POLCAR Group is to create and deliver best possible transportation-oriented, servicing, and catering-related solutions for both corporate and individual clients. Our undertakings are based on values that allow us to develop our company every day, mainly thanks to the trust of our clients. We are fully aware of the fact that people are the most crucial capital and wealth of each and every company. Yet another key factor for us is the constant pursuit of new solutions. By creating innovative projects characterized by a remarkable motivation and commitment, we can achieve success after success. We do care about the highest quality of services provided, as well as about the satisfaction of our clients, predominantly by developing good practices and principles regarding desirable solutions in each of the departments of our company. We want to serve as a role model when it comes to the implementation of the most effective organizational practices and the development of proprietary technological ideas.